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[The doombuggies stay put for a moment - perhaps a second too long. But suddenly, something about them changes. They rise up, ceremoniously, and seem to whisk through the halls of the mansion at a much faster pace than before. Eventually, they burst through the front door, taking the eight survivors, one dead body, and multiple pets of the Mansion Incident with them.

Once the doombuggies are outside, they rise higher up into the air, giving them a good view of what's happening down below them. The mansion, the home for wayward specters, seems to crumble beneath them. It falls apart, slowly but surely, into nothing.

It's a short ride through the night sky, up towards the second star to the right, before a flash of light hits their eyes and the doombuggies find themselves somewhere new.

It is a sunny place, a small town, abandoned but beautiful, filled with a few different buildings. There is a small building in the center of town, odd in design, and the doombuggies choose to settle in front of it.

It becomes clear in a moment why they choose to stop there, as descending from the home to the greet them is Walt himself.]

I'm glad to see you could all make it. This is Main Street, USA.

This is where we start to work to get your friends back. But for now, I'm happy to provide for all your needs and comforts, I'm sure you've all had quite a long day.

[He smiles, digging his hands into his pockets.]


Aug. 5th, 2017 01:37 am
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[When everyone is done investigation, they will hear a mechanical whir as the Doombuggies start back up again. (Best hurry before Heihei and Tarzan's corpse get away from you guys.) When they get back into the Doombuggies, they head back into a tunnel before they meet up again with both groups. Finally the Doombuggies roll to a stop once again and the guests will find themselves in the graveyard, just like every Friday when they had a trial.

The graveyard looks just as it has been, except now there is a knife chained to each tombstone in the circle. This is including the tombstones of your dearly departed, so don't worry if you wanted to have a different formation for the final trial.

And, as always, there is a new epitaph for Jiminy Cricket.

Here lies Jiminy Cricket
So deep in despair, he couldn't think
Got what he wanted and went out with a drink

And don't worry if you're not sure where to go from here. As everyone gets situated to their podium, they'll see someone familiar entering.

Oogie comes out from the shadows]

Well well well, what have we here? About time you showed up! I was wondering if you all died back there.

[How much luck do you guys have by your sides?]
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[It’s Wednesday morning, and when the 8 remaining guest wake up, they’re greeted to a soft song playing in the distance. Even with the stress of the past few months, the song helps puts the living guests at east, a beam of hope in the dark times.

As the guests go to investigate the noise, they will find themselves heading to the casino. On a nearby card table, there is a pigeon with a key in their mouth, they’re docile enough to let you pet them if you want, but don’t expect them to stay around for long. As soon as all either guests enter the room, they drop the key and fly away.

A small note is attached to it, reading:]

I wish I could help more, but this key should help aid you on the journey that lies ahead of you. I believe in you all.


[When they look for the door the key works on, they’ll quickly realize that there’s a locked door near the back of the casino, the key is a perfect match for it. When they open the door, they are greeted by a stream of moving carriages, Doombuggies, as it were, heading towards an inky black tunnel. It’s not exactly the most… normal way to investigate the mansion, but according to Walt this is the best bet you guys have.

As the remaining guests get inside the Doombuggies, they’ll find that the dark tunnel seems to stretch on forever, and you can feel them slowly go down, down, down. You might start to wonder how this tunnel even fits into this mansion, but this mansion never fit into normal reality, has it?

Eventually, as the Doombuggies take you further and further down, the guests will start to notice a branching path in front of them, either through sheer coincidence or some presence guiding the guests, they will find that no matter what they do, they’ll find themselves evenly split, going through the separate forks in the track.

It keeps going until soon, the ride comes to a sudden stop. A voice is heard through the halls.]

Playful spooks have interrupted our tour, please stay seated in your... Doombuggy. We will proceed in just a moment.

[But no matter how long they wait, the “ride” doesn’t start back up again. While it’s still dark down here, there’s enough light to make out a passageway besides the buggies, no matter which path the guest ended up taking.



Jul. 30th, 2017 12:24 pm
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[Two months. Two months of being trapped in this mansion. Two months of heartbreak and despair. Two months of wondering if you are all going to die here.

You finally have a real ray of hope thanks to Mr. Walt, but even he claims that it will be a hard journey ahead. You all have to be strong, physically, emotionally, any kind of strength will work against what you're up against. Maybe take the next few days to rest before the long journey, or prepare for the dangers that await, the choice is yours, but...

Will you be able to escape?

8 guests remain]


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[After such a long day, everyone must sleep. Whether it is because of the trial, or...something else, everyone will eventually find themselves with an overwhelming urge - no, need to sleep. There, someone is waiting for them.

Everyone will find themselves together in a room. It's...sleep-like, of course, but something about it feels real. There are eight rolling chairs set up, and another at the front of the room. But besides that, there are two important things to take note of. The first is that, everywhere, everyone seems to be depicted in...grayscale. It's a little weird, but nothing that odd.

The second is the pictures that line the wall, black-and-white sketches of so many familiar and unfamiliar characters. An Arabian thief, a curious girl in a blue dress, a ferocious dragon. All strikingly drawn and depicted in pencil. The walls seem practically lined with them.

Something interrupts your train of thought. A smoker's cough.

Man is in the Forest.]

My goal is to get you all out of here as soon as possible.

[A fatherly voice rings out, from seemingly everywhere at once.]

I'd like to discuss options with you all.
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[The whole trial thing must feel like the norm to everyone right now, and one can't help but wonder if this will keep happening until everyone has died.

There are three new epitaphs for Star Butterfly, Maui, and Fiddleford.

Here lies Star Butterfly
One of our most toughest girls
Went out with a pretty twirl

Here lies Maui
Claimed to be a great demigod
But it turns out he was a fraud

Here lies Fiddleford McGucket
He tried to wipe his mind
And ended up getting left behind

Well you all know what to do by now, huh?]

Don't spare any of the gory details.
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[It's another week, and we're fast approaching two months in the mansion. Maybe you're used to people dying on Friday, but maybe you hope the deaths will stop before there are none of you guys left. However, any hope that this will be a normal Friday for once will be completely dashed when you realize that there is a smokey smell hanging in the air when you first wake up.



Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:11 am
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[You've all been here for well over a month and it's getting harder and harder to keep spirits up. There has been small hope thanks to a mysterious person talking to you through your dreams. A small hope that maybe you'll be able to escape and get your friends back, but you'll have to escape first.

There are no new floors to explore, the outside area remains the same as it's always been. Might as well get comfy here.

11 guests remain.]

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[As soon as they're let out of the trial area, Mike makes a beeline for lounge and kitchen. Why, becomes apparent, because soon after, the room furniture in the lounge is arranged in a circle, with a seat for the all the remaining guests.

There's also a pot of coffee and soda cuz it's been a long fucking day. Maybe there are cheezits too, I don't know, a seventeen year old boy put this together. There are pizza rolls probably.

IN ANY CASE, hope you had enough time to flop and mope because Mike's knocking on every door and telling folks to meet in the lounge--if they aren't in their rooms, he'll slip a note under their doors. Once gathered, he skips straight to the point.]

I know it's been...a rough couple days for all of us, but we can't rest just yet. Especially not after that.

Before anything else can happen, we need a plan. How do we get to our friends, and how do we get them back?

And has anyone gotten any more weird notes lately?
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[As the Stretching Room descends, there is a long pause before Oogie says anything.]

What? You wanna 'nother speech? You ain't getting one!

[New day, brand new epitaphs for our dearly departed awaiting in this graveyard.

Here lies Demyx
All he wanted was a heart
But he ended up torn apart

Here lies Kiara
Our most beloved kitty
Now ready to sit pretty

Here lies Tip
She wanted to think ahead
And ended up torn to shreds

Only a dozen of you guys left, think you can figure out whodunit?]

Come on, I ain't gettin any younger here!
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[Ten deaths have occurred in this mansion, one guest is still completely missing from the mansion with no clue where he is. How many more deaths with occur in this mansion? Will the remaining guests ever know a time when they don't have to worry about someone close to them dying each week?

Nothing seems immediately off, but you should all know by now to never trust Fridays.



Jul. 16th, 2017 12:08 pm
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[Another week has come and gone, and three more people are dead. Nearly half of the guests are dead in a little over a month. The ghosts are still not reacting, and with Demyx's execution one has to wonder if the ghosts are even here anymore.

In the very least one more floor has been opened up: the trophy room, a shooting gallery, and a bathing room.

... Maybe keep Kiara out of the trophy room.

14 guests remain.]


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[To what I'm sure is everyone's joy after a sad investigation like that, after everyone reaches the Stretching Room, Oogie's voice can be heard.]

Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it just your imagination?

[Well at least he's honoring Ghostave's memory, except he starts laughing, almost tauntingly, after he says that.

In the very least the graveyard seems identical, with three new epitaphs for our dearly departed.

Here lies Lea
Slaying bugs he made a name
And got sent to the deadliest game

Here lies WALL-E
They were our dearest friend
But that didn’t help them in the end

Here lies Tarzan?

... Ok then.

Oogie speaks before everyone can get to their tombstones.]

Don't keep me waiting!
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[After over a month of all this, all the death is starting to take a toll on this mansion. Maybe with the death that happened just yesterday, you hope that no one else will die this week, but even the most optimistic guests here will realize that's wishful thinking at this point.

Either way, as you leave your bedroom, you will hear strange music echoing through the hallways.



Jul. 9th, 2017 11:31 am
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[Wander and Sylvia are dead, the Ghost Host was snuffed out like a light, and Tarzan is nowhere to be seen. It seems like in an instant everything is changed, not just the circumstances, but the mansion itself. It feels like it's gotten significantly colder in the mansion, and you might also start seeing bugs out of the corner of you eyes, darting away into darkness the moment you try to focus on them.

And, starting this week, any and all ghosts are eerily absent but at the same time, no matter where you go, you feel like you're being watched by something. To make matters worse, the attic doors have been nailed open. 

But there are some bright spots in this week. When you wake up on Sunday, you'll find that you have a brand new tuxedo hanging up on your bedroom door, in your exact size. Later, if you're curious enough to try going from the second floor to the attic, you'll find that there's a whole new floor to explore, but this time it's just comprised of two rooms: a smallish but serviceable laundry room and an expansive casino with an attached bar.

Don't tell Jiminy about this he will have a heart attack.

Feel free to explore, but maybe you want to keep away from the Stretching Room for awhile. Somebody cut the noose on the hanging corpse.

17 guests remain.]

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Third Trial

Jul. 8th, 2017 03:02 am
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[Today, the Ghost Host seems eerily quiet as you descend the stretching room, not even doing his usual speech. The Usual 25 tombstones are there, but with three new epitaphs for Tadashi, Wander, and Sylvia.

Noticeably, Wander and Sylvia’s are identical, except the names are reversed for Sylvia’s tombstone.

Here lies Tadashi Hamada
Tried to save his brother with a wire
But got trapped and burned in a fire

Here lies Wander and Sylvia
Best friends and heroes from the stars
Were never able to recover from their scars

There’s no turning back now, is there? Be wary. Trust no one.]

You know what you have to do.
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[Another week has passed by and thank goodness no more ghosts have killed any of you (yet). But almost as soon as you leave your bed room you realize something is off. Something is frightfully off this morning, it seems.



Jul. 2nd, 2017 03:27 pm
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[Tadashi, Sophie, and Princess Anna are dead. By now, maybe you're realizing that this plays is way more dangerous than you have ever feared, but don't worry, maybe some hope will come along the way.

For example, if anyone tries to open the Conservatory Door leading outside starting this week, they'll find that they finally have access to the graveyard and outside. You are now freely able to leave the mansion whenever you want.

Maybe you can all finally leave this place...?

20 guests remain.]

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