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[Perry the Platypus has died. There is no doubt about that. Those of you who were hoping that nobody would give in to the judge's demands have swiftly been proven wrong.

The students are hoarded to the studio lounge once again, where a large door has appeared, seemingly from nowhere. Inside, defying the laws of space and time, is an incredibly large room, bigger than any of the others. It's boring and brown, a perfect courtroom, and seems far more maintained than any of the other rooms.

Three very large framed portraits hang ominously over the whole proceedings. The first depicts an old mansion, decrepit and decaying, with an oddly purple tint. The second features a vintage building, tower-like in size and scope, against the backdrop of a bolt of lightning. The considerably harder to make out. Namely, while a few bits of the picture appear to still hang there, it by-and-large seems to have been torn and clawed at by some very very big claws.

There is a circle of podiums, 27 to be exact, standing around a large bubbling pool of you-know-what. Be careful not to trip, kids. Each of these podiums bears a student's name, a small stool for sitting, and a screen and keyboard. You can guess what those are for, can't you? The podiums for our three minuscule friends come with stairs to reach the top of them, of course. 2 of the podiums stand empty, adorned with mini golden oscar statuettes depicting Edgar Balthazar and Perry the Platypus.]

Once everyone takes their places, Doom appears, sitting at a chair placed in front of the portraits. An ideal place to overlook these proceedings.]

The trial in the case of Perry the Platypus's death shall have very simple rules. You have accumulated enough evidence over the past hours and must now figure out who is responsible. When I call the vote, you shall type in the first and last name of the individual you hold responsible.

[His expression lights up just a little.]

Succeed in accumulating a correct majority vote, and you shall live while the culprit is punished. Should you fail to gather up a majority, or vote incorrectly...

Well. I suppose you'll find out.

[You have the evidence you need to piece this together, but can you apply it properly? Is there another way out of this situation? You'll just have to put your heads together and find out.]

(ooc: welcome to the mock trial! for those of you new to this, threadjacking and pointing out contradictions while contributing to the discussion is encouraged. if you have any questions, feel free to ask your mods!)


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