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Name: Blank
Contact: [plurk.com profile] blankblankity
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Sylvia
Age: Adult, mentally late 20’s-ish
Canon: Wander Over Yonder
Canon Point: After "The End of the Galaxy"
Character Information: On Sylvia
On the show in general

Personality: Sylvia can best be described as “The Galaxy’s Most Violent Mom Friend”. While being known as the more level-headed her team (well… if her and Wander count as a team), she’s always Down To Fight. This stems from how her species (Zbornak) prides itself in strength, and sees physical strength as a point of respect. Sylvia would be a downright outcast if she didn't adore fighting, and, despite her past, she is a proud Zbornak.

If she manages to befriend you, you better be ready for her to literally defend you with her life. Sylvia has gone out of her way multiple times to save Wander, even though he’s confirmed to be well over a thousand years old and has survived the universe of being chased by bad guys long before Sylvia was even born. She doesn't care though, as she values her friend's life enough that she's willing to die in their place. One times Sylvia outright states, when she thinks Wander was killed, that she should have died instead of him. While it's never shown if her die-hard loyalty extends beyond Wander, I feel like it's safe to say that if you're able to befriend her enough, she will be willing to defend you with anything.

Wander states multiple times that Sylvia has a gushy center, and while Sylvia will never say it, does in fact have a very soft core. It's not exactly a traditional "aww look at that cute thing", but more of a "I deeply care for the things I love". Sylvia is almost shockingly gentle when she can be, the most obvious is in her interactions with Wander. She is very affectionate around him, constantly and willingly hugging Wander whenever they want to and openly saying that they love each other. They are, as far as we know, not in any sort of romantic relationship, and are purely platonic. But this in itself is great evidence that points towards Sylvia's soft center.

Despite being generally more level-headed than Wander, she really needs him for support. To her, Wander is her moral compass, and, at the end of the day, she wouldn’t really know what to do without him. She'll try her best to move on and remember his morals when separated from him, but she is horribly easily influenced by other people, even when Wander was there with her. And being easily influenced caused her to lapse into thinking that hotwiring a ship and crashing said ship into innocent people would be good. She grown since then, so she isn't going to instantly steal stuff because someone she likes told her to, but the longer she's away from Wander, the more easily she'll justify doing morally questionable acts.

She, however, has a horribly short fuse, one that she isn’t especially proud of. Sylvia has enough awareness of this trait that she tries to avoid situations where that could be triggered, namely competitions, but lord help you if she gets caught up in a competitive situation. While this short fuse with competitive nature can help if, say, she was being competitive with one person, she becomes fixated on one person that’s beating her that she could even throw herself in last place trying to beat them. She can calm down if someone is there to talk her down, but save yourself if there's no one there to do that.

Sylvia is a little on the jaded side, especially compared to Wander. While Wander always tells her to see the good in people, including those who are out to kill them, she tends to be doubtful of reforming villains. She isn’t distrustful, per se, but she has a harder time believing that bad people can change their ways. Her most notable example is her insistence of “sometimes a bad guy is just a bad guy” while Wander attempts to redeem Lord Dominator, the Big Bad of Season 2. Although this does extend to lesser threats like the trigger happy, but otherwise ineffectual Westley, and Little Bits, a bounty hunter disguising herself as a small orphan kitty whom Sylvia had an almost instant distrust of.

Despite being jaded and cynical, she isn't the most "glass half empty" kind of person in the galaxy, and would refer to herself as a realist more than anything. She does want to see good in people, after all there's no way she would stand with Wander so long if she didn't believe in that. Sure, she is the first person to point out when a plan seems suicidal and stupid, but she also knows that sitting back and doing nothing will never help a situation. She knows very well that the galaxy is terrible, but honestly? Even if things are terrible the rest of her life, she'd rather try to fix the terrible things about her galaxy.

Sylvia does know how to unwind and have fun. It mostly comes out when she’s messing with villains with Wander, because she’s always down for making fun of bad guys. However, she does have more calm ways of relaxing like sightseeing and karaoke. Even though she does get pretty riled up over karaoke. Also depending on the friend, “unwinding” could mean roughing people up and getting into fights. This obviously excludes Wander, but with pretty much every other friend she will enjoy fighting alongside them. She is also not against being silly, if the situation calls for it. This mostly comes out when she and Wander are screwing with villains they know they can easily "take down" without any worry (basically Lord Hater and Peepers). They end up comprising of almost Looney Tunes-esque antics of harassing the bad guy.

And, if they're up against a bad guy who she knows is stronger than she is, she may be openly afraid but she will fight them. Countless times she has tried fighting Lord Dominator even when her powers easily overwhelm her. Even if she has been defeated multiple times by her, her solution is to change strategy and to be more careful, namely during The End of the Galaxy, where she brings all the remaining people in the galaxy together to formulate a plan to defeat/kill Lord Dominator. She if the odds are stacked against her and is afraid, she is determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal, especially to protect those she holds dear.

Sylvia is really just a recovering bad guy who is just trying to have fun and enjoy the universe. Even with all the roadblock in her way and things trying to kill her, she enjoys traveling and beating up bad guys and being with her best friend. She's far from a perfect protagonist and she knows she has a long way to go, but she knows she's great just the way she is.

5-10 Key Character Traits:
Easily Influenced

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? Either
Opt-Outs: Manticore, Lich, Werebear, Shade, Pooka, Kelpie

Roleplay Sample: Sample from the game Foolish Mortals
TDM thread from Ryslig

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Name: Groove
Contact: http://www.plurk.com/wefeelgroove
Other Characters: Fiora ([personal profile] goes_all_out) Grace Nakimura ([personal profile] me_underfire)

Character Name: Star Butterfly
Age: 14
Canon: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Canon Point: S2E1, "My New Wand!"
Character Information:


Star Butterfly is literally a manic pixie dream girl. She's a hyperactive 14-year-old who loves bright colors, glitter, hearts, and puppies!!!

...As well as hardcore medieval weaponry, exploring dangerous alternate dimensions full of monsters, and casting powerful, arcane magic spells. Yeah.

Star may be a ~maaaaagical princess from another dimension~, but she'd rather be out taming warnicorns and kicking monster butt instead of having tea time. She's extremely irresponsible, but she means well, which is probably why her parents sent her to Earth instead of *shudder* St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.

Star is incredibly scatterbrained. Her living space is in a constant state of "a tornado just blew through here", and she rarely considers her actions before following through with them. As a result, she can be very reckless at times, endangering herself and others because she didn't think things through. Fortunately, Star is also very flexible, and is capable of acting on the fly and adapting quickly to any weird situation she finds herself in. That's not to say she has the attention span of a goldfish- even though she doesn't always consider the consequences of her actions, she can be very determined to finish what she started, even going so far as to pull all-nighters to fix a problem she caused with the wrong spell.

She grew up in the lap of luxury- the princess of a powerful kingdom with an amazing destiny. It's no surprise that she's pretty selfish, and she's got an extreme case of only-child syndrome, which compounds her already immature personality. She rarely takes things seriously until it's too late, and often doesn't consider other people's feelings before springing into action. Of COURSE Marco wants to go dimension-hopping, because it'll be awesome! And of COURSE Brittney's party would be better if the bus were a bounce house, because who doesn't love bounce houses!?

For someone who's normal day involves casting magic spells and taming wild warnicorns, Star is pretty clueless about just about everything outside of Mewni. Even the most mundane things on Earth are new and exciting to her, and she reacts appropriately (and really, can you blame her? She didn't even know what sugar was.). She also has a habit of being literal-minded, such as when she summoned a flying pig in response to the idiom. This can easily give someone the wrong impression that she's a total ditz at first, especially if they haven't seen her in action against monsters.

She's not all bubbles and rainbows, though. Star's got a combination of inferiority complex and dread about becoming the next queen of Mewni, as having her future written in stone is incredibly daunting for her. Possibly her greatest fear is the loss of her freedom and individuality, if her reaction to St. Olga's is any indication. She's also super, super monster racist thanks to being taught a very whitewashed version of Mewni's history, although she's getting better, and has even helped and befriended monsters on different occasions. Still, she tends to think in absolutes and is merciless to those she considers enemies.

Most of all, Star just wants to have fun! And she wants everyone around her to have fun, too! If you can survive the whirlwind of sugar, sparkles, and lasers, you'll find a sweet, albeit excitable, young lady who wants to put a smile on your face!

5-10 Key Character Traits:

Naive (mainly in the black and white morality sense)

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? FITS

Opt-Outs: Arachne, Faerie, Pooka, Goblin, Gargoyle, Werewolf
Merperson (Fiora), Werebear (Grace)

Roleplay Sample:


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