Week 3

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:29 am
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[Three people are dead in the span of one day. Two of which did absolutely nothing to deserve their gruesome deaths. Hopefully, no matter how silly this hope is, it's the last of the deaths in this hotel.

But maybe it's not all bad now? When people awake this Sunday, they will find that the door for 225 is now open, and for some reason leads to a bunch of cool new rooms to explore! Maybe this would be a great opportunity to bond over each other to make sure no one else dies again.

And no one else will die again, right?

21 guests remain.]


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[ That was...positively horrible? Ugh. After a few hours, notes are slipped under each person's door. They read, in a neat handwriting: ]

Banquet in Vanellope's honor in the dining room.

- Reyna, Sally and Thalia

[ You may not know what to expect when they say banquet, but it...really is one, isn't it? Thalia's main dish is cheeseburgers, so there are so many of those, but the table's positively covered in an arrangement of fruit and vegetables and all kinds of bread. Looks like they've gone all out.

What's really the cream of it all, though, are the desserts. Not a lot that's special, but there's a wide collection of cookies and cupcakes, and enough hot chocolate to feed an army. Maybe literally. There is a section that's particularly fancy, and that's the many candy apples, definitely courtesy of Sally. Along with a cute amount of peppermint bark. It seems like the food is unending, too, since there's the delicatible smell of baking cookies and simmering candy from the kitchen. Thalia and Sally are keeping you stocked, don't worry. ]
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[As the living guests finish investigations, they will hear a small click from the library. The door in the back of the room is now open, and true to The Narrator’s words, it leads to the boiler room and in the back there’s an elevator, already open for the guests. However this elevator doesn’t look anything like a normal elevator.

The elevator doesn’t start until everyone is seated and buckled in, and when it does, instead is starts moving backwards for a few moments before going up. As it moves, your host’s calm voice is heard inside the elevator.]

Friday the 13th. It’s often considered the most unlucky day of the year, and for young Vanellope von Schweetz, she has encounter the greatest misfortune of all. Young Vanellope, who at the end of the day just wanted someone who loved her, instead found herself with nothing but pure hatred. And now Vanellope will have a new game to call home, a game only referred to as… The Twilight Zone.

[As he finishes, the elevator halts with an ominous creak. There is a long stretch of silence before The Narrator speaks again.]

You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension. Beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination… in the Tower of Terror.

[And then, suddenly, the elevator drops. Hard. None of the guests will have a clear enough mind as they are suddenly being plunged to the ground to notice this, but somehow, the elevator is moving faster than gravity would normally work. But just before they would reach the ground, the elevator suddenly moves back upwards, and then drops again.

This repeats for what seems for an eternity, until the elevator quickly climbs to the very top and stops suddenly. There is a cheerful ding and the elevator doors finally open.

The doors open up to a 30’s-style night club. It’s impossibly clean for a hotel that’s been out of commission for decades, as, unlike the rest of the hotel, it was never closed. There is a grouping of 12 tables sitting in front of a stage, with a placecard, notepad and pen sitting on each one. Boarding the walls there are also 24 pictures, each one representing a guest. While everyone else’s picture is in full color, Vanellope’s is in grayscale.

Light music fills the room, and will continue to play for the rest of your time here.On the stage, The Narrator is already here, straddling one of the chairs and smoking a cigarette.]

Welcome to the Tip Top Club. I hope your trip here was uneventful.

[Judging by his knowing smile, he seems to know exactly that something went down in the elevator.

Each of you has assigned seating arrangements, though you are free to move about the club as you please. You will find that there are several amenities here, however, your main goal here will be solving the mystery that had been put forward.

Feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves, and once you feel you have an idea of who committed the crime, write their name down in your notepad. Majority rules, and participation in this activity is mandatory.

There will be no set time limit for this trial. I trust that you have found enough evidence to properly figure out who the culprit is.

[But on the bright side of all of this, there’s an open bar for those who already want to forget today.]
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[It's Friday the 13th, the deadline for taking the motive. Even the most optimistic guest would have noticed the tensions rising in the hotel. After all, The Narrator seemed pretty sure someone would die in this hotel. Still, there have been attempts to make sure morale remains high in this hotel, and maybe it all worked?

Nothing seems off on the bedroom floor. Perhaps the attempts to keep morale up worked after all?

But maybe you should Investigate anyway]

Week 2

Oct. 8th, 2017 11:45 am
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[It's been one whole week, and no one has died yet. For someone who seemed so sure that someone would die, it seems as if The Narrator was wrong about anyone killing another person. But after awhile, the hotel might seem pretty dull. There is only so much to do in here, and if you don't enjoy books and old board games, it's hard to keep you entertained unless you like marathons of Muppet Treasure Island.

But you can keep this up, right?

24 guests remain.]


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Week 1

Oct. 2nd, 2017 10:35 am
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[Now that the Narrator is done explaining the situation, you all have time to assess the situation and maybe even work together to find a way out. After all, clearly the Narrator is being over dramatic and it can't be that hard to escape out of here without murdering everyone, right?

But, with the doors outside indeed locked and all the windows unbreakable, it might not be a bad idea to explore the hotel, either for alternative methods of escape or to relieve boredom. Your Narrator is also now available for private chat in case you want to interrogate him or throw more stuff at his face.

If the locked doors aren't bad enough, when everyone goes back to the lobby, they'll notice a plaque on the front desk. If you thought your Narrator wasn't serious before, this is damning evidence to the contrary.

Either way, we really do hope you enjoy your stay in this hotel.]

[ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ]

{OOC And this'll be the last mod post for the week! Feel free to drop your coins into the penny press once you've earned them. And because this is a peace week, there will be no murder committed!  And if you plan on investigating, just let us know in your toplevel by putting in INVESTIGATION. Have fun while you still can!]
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[Despite all the confusion and worry, everyone eventually finds themselves in the library mentioned on the note. The moment noon strikes, a horrible crash of thunder echoes across the hotel, knocking all the lights out and slamming the doors shut. After a few seconds, the TV flickers to life and starts playing a video. But the moment the video gets to the elevators vanishing, another bolt of lightning strikes, causing the TV to shut back off and plunging everyone in darkness.

After a few tense moments in complete silent darkness, the lights flick back on and, in front of the television, a man is now standing in front of the guests. He seems mostly human, except that his entire body appears to be monochrome, as if he had just crawled out of the TV. When he speaks (acting as if nothing was off about his sudden appearance), his voice is the exact same calm, even tone as the voice over in the video.]

Tonight’s story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, [He makes a grand sweeping gesture across the room.] is that very same hotel, still in operation, just for you. As you may have noticed, every single one of you is trapped inside this hotel with no escape. The doors and windows have all been sealed and one thing is clear: it is impossible to go back home.

However, this episode of the Twilight Zone is unique in another significant way. Each one of you has been offered a one-way ticket out of this hotel and back to your lives. While those five unfortunate guests became permanent residents here through death, death is your one requirement to get out of this hotel.

To put it simply: The only way you can escape is to get away with murdering one of your fellow guests.

[He pauses for a brief moment before continuing.]

Of course, if you’d rather not commit such a heinous act, we’ll be welcome to make sure your stay here is as comfortable as possible. There will be enough food and entertainment to make sure everyone is comfortable for the rest of their lives, but it's hard to live in complete comfort when you're now a citizen of… The Twilight Zone.
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[You wake up in a plush bed, well rested but very confused. As you become more conscious, one thing becomes abundantly clear: this is not your room, nor does this look like any bedroom you’ve ever been in before. It’s relatively clean room, but immediately something feels… off about all of this.

When you start exploring, a thing you’ll soon notice is that on the bedside table, there is a room key sitting ontop of a neatly typed note.]

Dear hotel guests,

We cordially invite you to come to the downstairs library at noon for an important meeting regarding your stay in the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Before then, we invite you to make full use of the amenities this hotel has provided for you.

On behalf of the hotel staff, we dearly hope you enjoy your stay in this marvelous hotel.

-HTH Management

[But, as you leave the comfort of your new bedroom, any hope that you somehow booked a hotel room the previous night and just forgot is immediately dashed. It looks like this hotel hasn’t been cleaned in decades, and despite the mention of hotel staff in your note, there doesn’t appear to be anyone working here.

Not to say that you’re alone, however. As you explore the hotel, you’ll soon find that there are 23 others in the exact same situation as you: confused and with no memory of how they got here. And to make matters worse, if the bios you stumble upon in the dining area is anything to go by, this clearly isn't just a freak accident.

Get comfy, because you are all in for a wild ride.]
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[The doombuggies stay put for a moment - perhaps a second too long. But suddenly, something about them changes. They rise up, ceremoniously, and seem to whisk through the halls of the mansion at a much faster pace than before. Eventually, they burst through the front door, taking the eight survivors, one dead body, and multiple pets of the Mansion Incident with them.

Once the doombuggies are outside, they rise higher up into the air, giving them a good view of what's happening down below them. The mansion, the home for wayward specters, seems to crumble beneath them. It falls apart, slowly but surely, into nothing.

It's a short ride through the night sky, up towards the second star to the right, before a flash of light hits their eyes and the doombuggies find themselves somewhere new.

It is a sunny place, a small town, abandoned but beautiful, filled with a few different buildings. There is a small building in the center of town, odd in design, and the doombuggies choose to settle in front of it.

It becomes clear in a moment why they choose to stop there, as descending from the home to the greet them is Walt himself.]

I'm glad to see you could all make it. This is Main Street, USA.

This is where we start to work to get your friends back. But for now, I'm happy to provide for all your needs and comforts, I'm sure you've all had quite a long day.

[He smiles, digging his hands into his pockets.]


Aug. 5th, 2017 01:37 am
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[When everyone is done investigation, they will hear a mechanical whir as the Doombuggies start back up again. (Best hurry before Heihei and Tarzan's corpse get away from you guys.) When they get back into the Doombuggies, they head back into a tunnel before they meet up again with both groups. Finally the Doombuggies roll to a stop once again and the guests will find themselves in the graveyard, just like every Friday when they had a trial.

The graveyard looks just as it has been, except now there is a knife chained to each tombstone in the circle. This is including the tombstones of your dearly departed, so don't worry if you wanted to have a different formation for the final trial.

And, as always, there is a new epitaph for Jiminy Cricket.

Here lies Jiminy Cricket
So deep in despair, he couldn't think
Got what he wanted and went out with a drink

And don't worry if you're not sure where to go from here. As everyone gets situated to their podium, they'll see someone familiar entering.

Oogie comes out from the shadows]

Well well well, what have we here? About time you showed up! I was wondering if you all died back there.

[How much luck do you guys have by your sides?]
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[It’s Wednesday morning, and when the 8 remaining guest wake up, they’re greeted to a soft song playing in the distance. Even with the stress of the past few months, the song helps puts the living guests at east, a beam of hope in the dark times.

As the guests go to investigate the noise, they will find themselves heading to the casino. On a nearby card table, there is a pigeon with a key in their mouth, they’re docile enough to let you pet them if you want, but don’t expect them to stay around for long. As soon as all either guests enter the room, they drop the key and fly away.

A small note is attached to it, reading:]

I wish I could help more, but this key should help aid you on the journey that lies ahead of you. I believe in you all.


[When they look for the door the key works on, they’ll quickly realize that there’s a locked door near the back of the casino, the key is a perfect match for it. When they open the door, they are greeted by a stream of moving carriages, Doombuggies, as it were, heading towards an inky black tunnel. It’s not exactly the most… normal way to investigate the mansion, but according to Walt this is the best bet you guys have.

As the remaining guests get inside the Doombuggies, they’ll find that the dark tunnel seems to stretch on forever, and you can feel them slowly go down, down, down. You might start to wonder how this tunnel even fits into this mansion, but this mansion never fit into normal reality, has it?

Eventually, as the Doombuggies take you further and further down, the guests will start to notice a branching path in front of them, either through sheer coincidence or some presence guiding the guests, they will find that no matter what they do, they’ll find themselves evenly split, going through the separate forks in the track.

It keeps going until soon, the ride comes to a sudden stop. A voice is heard through the halls.]

Playful spooks have interrupted our tour, please stay seated in your... Doombuggy. We will proceed in just a moment.

[But no matter how long they wait, the “ride” doesn’t start back up again. While it’s still dark down here, there’s enough light to make out a passageway besides the buggies, no matter which path the guest ended up taking.



Jul. 30th, 2017 12:24 pm
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[Two months. Two months of being trapped in this mansion. Two months of heartbreak and despair. Two months of wondering if you are all going to die here.

You finally have a real ray of hope thanks to Mr. Walt, but even he claims that it will be a hard journey ahead. You all have to be strong, physically, emotionally, any kind of strength will work against what you're up against. Maybe take the next few days to rest before the long journey, or prepare for the dangers that await, the choice is yours, but...

Will you be able to escape?

8 guests remain]


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[After such a long day, everyone must sleep. Whether it is because of the trial, or...something else, everyone will eventually find themselves with an overwhelming urge - no, need to sleep. There, someone is waiting for them.

Everyone will find themselves together in a room. It's...sleep-like, of course, but something about it feels real. There are eight rolling chairs set up, and another at the front of the room. But besides that, there are two important things to take note of. The first is that, everywhere, everyone seems to be depicted in...grayscale. It's a little weird, but nothing that odd.

The second is the pictures that line the wall, black-and-white sketches of so many familiar and unfamiliar characters. An Arabian thief, a curious girl in a blue dress, a ferocious dragon. All strikingly drawn and depicted in pencil. The walls seem practically lined with them.

Something interrupts your train of thought. A smoker's cough.

Man is in the Forest.]

My goal is to get you all out of here as soon as possible.

[A fatherly voice rings out, from seemingly everywhere at once.]

I'd like to discuss options with you all.
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[The whole trial thing must feel like the norm to everyone right now, and one can't help but wonder if this will keep happening until everyone has died.

There are three new epitaphs for Star Butterfly, Maui, and Fiddleford.

Here lies Star Butterfly
One of our most toughest girls
Went out with a pretty twirl

Here lies Maui
Claimed to be a great demigod
But it turns out he was a fraud

Here lies Fiddleford McGucket
He tried to wipe his mind
And ended up getting left behind

Well you all know what to do by now, huh?]

Don't spare any of the gory details.
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[It's another week, and we're fast approaching two months in the mansion. Maybe you're used to people dying on Friday, but maybe you hope the deaths will stop before there are none of you guys left. However, any hope that this will be a normal Friday for once will be completely dashed when you realize that there is a smokey smell hanging in the air when you first wake up.



Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:11 am
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[You've all been here for well over a month and it's getting harder and harder to keep spirits up. There has been small hope thanks to a mysterious person talking to you through your dreams. A small hope that maybe you'll be able to escape and get your friends back, but you'll have to escape first.

There are no new floors to explore, the outside area remains the same as it's always been. Might as well get comfy here.

11 guests remain.]

{Don't forget to fill your Week 6 Activity Check!}
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[As soon as they're let out of the trial area, Mike makes a beeline for lounge and kitchen. Why, becomes apparent, because soon after, the room furniture in the lounge is arranged in a circle, with a seat for the all the remaining guests.

There's also a pot of coffee and soda cuz it's been a long fucking day. Maybe there are cheezits too, I don't know, a seventeen year old boy put this together. There are pizza rolls probably.

IN ANY CASE, hope you had enough time to flop and mope because Mike's knocking on every door and telling folks to meet in the lounge--if they aren't in their rooms, he'll slip a note under their doors. Once gathered, he skips straight to the point.]

I know it's been...a rough couple days for all of us, but we can't rest just yet. Especially not after that.

Before anything else can happen, we need a plan. How do we get to our friends, and how do we get them back?

And has anyone gotten any more weird notes lately?
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[As the Stretching Room descends, there is a long pause before Oogie says anything.]

What? You wanna 'nother speech? You ain't getting one!

[New day, brand new epitaphs for our dearly departed awaiting in this graveyard.

Here lies Demyx
All he wanted was a heart
But he ended up torn apart

Here lies Kiara
Our most beloved kitty
Now ready to sit pretty

Here lies Tip
She wanted to think ahead
And ended up torn to shreds

Only a dozen of you guys left, think you can figure out whodunit?]

Come on, I ain't gettin any younger here!
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[Ten deaths have occurred in this mansion, one guest is still completely missing from the mansion with no clue where he is. How many more deaths with occur in this mansion? Will the remaining guests ever know a time when they don't have to worry about someone close to them dying each week?

Nothing seems immediately off, but you should all know by now to never trust Fridays.



Jul. 16th, 2017 12:08 pm
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[Another week has come and gone, and three more people are dead. Nearly half of the guests are dead in a little over a month. The ghosts are still not reacting, and with Demyx's execution one has to wonder if the ghosts are even here anymore.

In the very least one more floor has been opened up: the trophy room, a shooting gallery, and a bathing room.

... Maybe keep Kiara out of the trophy room.

14 guests remain.]


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