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[When everyone is done investigation, they will hear a mechanical whir as the Doombuggies start back up again. (Best hurry before Heihei and Tarzan's corpse get away from you guys.) When they get back into the Doombuggies, they head back into a tunnel before they meet up again with both groups. Finally the Doombuggies roll to a stop once again and the guests will find themselves in the graveyard, just like every Friday when they had a trial.

The graveyard looks just as it has been, except now there is a knife chained to each tombstone in the circle. This is including the tombstones of your dearly departed, so don't worry if you wanted to have a different formation for the final trial.

And, as always, there is a new epitaph for Jiminy Cricket.

Here lies Jiminy Cricket
So deep in despair, he couldn't think
Got what he wanted and went out with a drink

And don't worry if you're not sure where to go from here. As everyone gets situated to their podium, they'll see someone familiar entering.

Oogie comes out from the shadows]

Well well well, what have we here? About time you showed up! I was wondering if you all died back there.

[How much luck do you guys have by your sides?]
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[The doombuggies stay put for a moment - perhaps a second too long. But suddenly, something about them changes. They rise up, ceremoniously, and seem to whisk through the halls of the mansion at a much faster pace than before. Eventually, they burst through the front door, taking the eight survivors, one dead body, and multiple pets of the Mansion Incident with them.

Once the doombuggies are outside, they rise higher up into the air, giving them a good view of what's happening down below them. The mansion, the home for wayward specters, seems to crumble beneath them. It falls apart, slowly but surely, into nothing.

It's a short ride through the night sky, up towards the second star to the right, before a flash of light hits their eyes and the doombuggies find themselves somewhere new.

It is a sunny place, a small town, abandoned but beautiful, filled with a few different buildings. There is a small building in the center of town, odd in design, and the doombuggies choose to settle in front of it.

It becomes clear in a moment why they choose to stop there, as descending from the home to the greet them is Walt himself.]

I'm glad to see you could all make it. This is Main Street, USA.

This is where we start to work to get your friends back. But for now, I'm happy to provide for all your needs and comforts, I'm sure you've all had quite a long day.

[He smiles, digging his hands into his pockets.]


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