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[Another week has come and gone, and three more people are dead. Nearly half of the guests are dead in a little over a month. The ghosts are still not reacting, and with Demyx's execution one has to wonder if the ghosts are even here anymore.

In the very least one more floor has been opened up: the trophy room, a shooting gallery, and a bathing room.

... Maybe keep Kiara out of the trophy room.

14 guests remain.]


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[On Monday, Star can be found in the foyer, pointing her magic whisk randomly at the furniture in the room.]

I summon... the spirit of that table lamp!

[The wand glows a more intense shade of pink and then...! It let's out another useless puff of smoke.]

Ugh! Come onnnn, why can't I get you to work!?

[She points it at the couch.]

Breathe life into this shell! Mystical Couch Escalation!

[The light from the 'wand' glows brighter than before, enveloping the couch entirely. When the light fades, the upholstery fabric has changed from dreary black and purple stripes to bright pastel pink polka dots.

Star gawks for a moment before whooping at the top of her lungs.]

IT DID SOMETHING! Not even remotely what I wanted it to do, but something!!
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[Tip is holding a bottle as she passes through towards the conservatory, before noticing the couch change and grinning.] That's good for bothering ghosts, at least.
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I'm gonna turn all their towels NEON ORANGE.
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You should make them all different colors, actually. So they clash!
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Yeah, yeah! And with really mismatched patterns! Like stripes and zigzags!
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Man, I can't wait to see the looks on their faces...metaphorically, I guess. [She waves the bottle.] But before that, you want to go outside and test out this bubble fluid? Or, um, "Orbble fluid," it says?
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I love bubbles.

[That would be a yes.]
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I figured. [She's still smiling as they head out and she opens the bottle.] So, would you like to blow first?
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[She snatches the wand and starts blowing. And blowing. And the bubble keeps getting bigger.]

Ohhhh man, these are high quality!
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Wow, it was definitely a good idea to do this outside. [Tip watches as the bubbles forms fully in front of them. After a bit, she reaches out to poke it, and her hand actually bounces off.] They're sturdy, too!
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Where did this stuff come from? Outer space? I've never seen bubbles that don't pop when you touch 'em!

[And now she's poking every bubble they've made.]
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You know...I think Sylvia told me about them. They're...orbbles? And you can go in them and float around. [She pokes it again.] Not sure how you'd control it though. Run around like a hamster?
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[...Whoa. Wendy knew that magic was real, but seeing it is always a little surprising. This is definitely Mabel's aesthetic.]

Whoa! Good job on the couch, Star. Definitely better then the other colors.
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Thanks! I was trying to bring it to life so I could have my very own couch minion, but this works, too!
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Ooh, couch minion, huh?

[That's actually.... kind of neat.]

Cool. What would you have it do?
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Break down the front door and then we can all sit on it and ride to freedom!
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. . .


Is that a thing you're supposed to be able to do?

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Oh yeah, this is basic magic stuff! I think I'm finally getting this thing to work!

[She shakes the whisk, and the wand charger floating inside sparkles a little.]

If I had my actual magic wand I could show you some REAL magic!
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[you know what. he's just not gonna question it. NOT AT THIS POINT.]

. . .Magic whisk, cool, why not!

I mean, this counts as real magic to me. Definitely brightens up the place, that's for sure.
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This? This is nothing! If I had my wand I could make this couch get up and dance!

[And possibly shoot lasers or some other unintended side effect.]
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I'd say I'll believe it when I see it, but nah, I think I'm a true believer now.
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