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[You've all been here for well over a month and it's getting harder and harder to keep spirits up. There has been small hope thanks to a mysterious person talking to you through your dreams. A small hope that maybe you'll be able to escape and get your friends back, but you'll have to escape first.

There are no new floors to explore, the outside area remains the same as it's always been. Might as well get comfy here.

11 guests remain.]

{Don't forget to fill your Week 6 Activity Check!}
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MOTIVE: Happy Birthday

[personal profile] splitaseam 2017-07-23 11:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Today, there is a cake in the casino. It reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY OOGIE" and has eight lit candles. There are an appropriate amount of plastic forks and paper plates, as well as four tubs of vanilla ice cream + spoons.

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. . . Do you think. Is it safe to eat? This can't be our weekly incentive if it's safe to eat.
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[Elsa... isn't sure what to be feeling right now??? All the dread and paranoia that tuesdays usually bring and now it's just??? This???]

This... it has to be some sort of trap. Or a set-up. There's no way this is just... a cake...
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I agree. There has to be some kind of trick.


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[Wendy stands off to the side, arms crossed tentatively.]

Should..... someone try it? [Is that a good idea at ALL?] Is there a way to, like, know?
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I don't know. [She actually. Backs up.] I wouldn't want one of us to die.
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[ Well, uh. While everyone else debates whether or not it's safe, Maui's walking up to grab a fistful of cake -- not bothering to read the note or what's written on top. He shoves it in his mouth, then looks at the gathered crowd. ]

Somefin wrung? [ Maui don't talk with your mouth full you heathen. ]
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[Suddenly yelling??]

There could be poison in that!
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[ Maui swallowed, looked at his frosting coated hand, then shrugged. ]

Doesn't taste like poison.

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[Ah yes.

This is where he's chosen to lay his affections.]

There could be bugs in that!
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[s q u i n t]

This...can't be the real thing. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

[He studies the note intently for a moment. Maybe it's a code? It's got to be a code.]
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You think he's actually comin' back at seven?

[He really doesn't want to see the kind of birthday party Oogie Boogie would throw, even if it's all just a cover for some other horrible incentive.

Because cake surely cannot be their only incentive. Right?]
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I hope to hell he isn't. I really don't like the implications of that note. Especially since I haven't been able to find a code it might correspond to.

[Which means it's either an outright lie or...they're actually going to have to sing happy birthday.]

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[Okay. The whole cake thing was... weird. But deep down Fiddleford is almost glad that that's all it was, even if he's keeping a rather close eye on the available clocks because he's still kind of worried about what might happen when they hit seven. Maybe nothing. Probably something. Thank god he knows the words to Happy Birthday.

After the whole... cake thing... he can be found in the kitchen, drinking his third cup of coffee today and putting his final batch of moonshine into jars. Those jars in turn go under the kitchen sink (kids totally won't go looking under there, right, it's fine). Once that's done he sets to work breaking apart the still. It was nice to have one of his comfort vices to indulge in but if they need this metal to... to get to hell, or whatever, well then it's his duty to give it up to the cause.

Later still he specifically seeks out Julia -- he has a sticker to return, one of the few parts of her keyboard that's still whole. The rest of it's been thoroughly gutted now and with a big chunk cut out of the top part of the casing it's more than likely going to be used as part of whatever monstrosity they wind up building to get out of here.]

Told you I'd get it back to you.
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[She's actually in the conservatory, looking out into the graveyard. It kind of looks like she's been there for a while, although maybe not looking out at the graveyard for all the time.]

Oh! Um. Thank you, I know it's silly but - [It's the only thing she has from Nick.] I. It's sentimental.
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Nah, it's not silly at all. I mean, I'm carryin' around two pictures of my son with me wherever I go, it's not like I could judge.

[He settles himself into a seat as well. This is where he often spends his mornings, drinking his coffee and looking out at the perpetual night. He likes it in here more than most of the other rooms, honestly.]
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Birthday Party

[personal profile] splitaseam 2017-07-25 11:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[So, the casino is decorated! There are a lot more bugs around than usual, somehow, and green and purple streamers hang from the ceiling. There are small pamphlets scattered about with the lyrics to 'Happy Birthday' on them, for those who don't know the lyrics, and orange party hats scattered about.

Of course, all the TVs also have what appears to be live footage of some familiar-looking apeman chained up in a dark prison cell. He's looking pretty scraggly. Festive!

Eventually, Oogie shows up with a tophat and a large bib reading "BIRTHDAY BOY". He looks very impatient.]

Well, get on with it!
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[personal profile] whistlenotchirp 2017-07-25 11:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[Oh sweet mercy.

He tugs on his collar helplessly.

Erm... Happy... day of birth... happy... birth of day?
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[personal profile] kindaruledatit 2017-07-25 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
[This is the stupidest thing she's ever seen. Not that the touches aren't bad, but their captor wearing that bib and hat is at least mildly amusing.

But then she spots Jiminy flailing, and well. There's two things she's good at.;
being loud, and getting attention.

So, she sings.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

[She shoots a glance at the others. Please try, follow her, lip sync, anything! She doesn't want ya'll to kick the bucket!!]

Happy birthday dear... [She gags. Hold on. Urp.] ...Oogie, happy birthday to you...?
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[personal profile] toogoodforhim 2017-07-25 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[UH. YEAH. THAT. Luckily he's used to learning by listening, and music is something he picks up on pretty quick, so he catches up with her.

That doesn't mean he likes this, but by god is he ready to fake it. And sing loud enough to cover anyone who's just lip-syncing if he has to.]
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[personal profile] whistlenotchirp 2017-07-25 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[wendy please save him from himself

He legit scurries to Wendy and hides a little behind her like a True Hero but manages to get out:

Happy birthdaaaay to you!

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[Thankfully, Elsa knows how to read music, even music to a song she's never heard before, so she can pick up on the song well enough. Listening to Wendy first definitely helps though, and so she'll sing along, looking very unamused as she does so.]
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[This has reached new and astronomical levels of stupid, but Fiddleford sings along anyway because he doesn't really want to find out what will happen if he doesn't. At least he actually knows the song, so he's one of the people those who don't can look to for guidance.]

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[Julia brought Wander's banjo and well. At least she mostly knows how to play "Happy Birthday"? So.]

And many more . . .

[Listen, she's not gonna risk not saying that.]