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[You've all been here for well over a month and it's getting harder and harder to keep spirits up. There has been small hope thanks to a mysterious person talking to you through your dreams. A small hope that maybe you'll be able to escape and get your friends back, but you'll have to escape first.

There are no new floors to explore, the outside area remains the same as it's always been. Might as well get comfy here.

11 guests remain.]

{Don't forget to fill your Week 6 Activity Check!}
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[Despite a concentrated effort on their part, multiple times, in fact... the ghosts didn't answer. They never found their friends. Their attempts failed.

Wendy, for the most part, didn't do much after that. The week was coming and going, and everything felt a bit more... empty, all of a sudden. She can be found earlier in the day in the study sitting at the huge desk, feet propped up on the table as she plays with her phone.

her eyes run over old text messages, pictures with her friends back in Gravity falls, and then it suddenly changes to pictures of her in here, with her new friends, people that are alive and dead.

And then, the unthinkable happens. Her phone dies.

...[She gives a rough sigh, letting it drop out of her hands onto the floor.] Perfect.

[Later, she's gone for a change of scenery, now outside in the graveyard, busy sharpening her axe with a rock as she sits against a gravestone. She's not doing great, but the fresh air is a bit helpful.]
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[ It still makes her nervous to come out here, but... Wendy's out here, and so Naminé decides to join her. ]

Hi, Wendy.
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[Come on out, Namine. It's pretty empty out here.]

Huh? Hey, dudette. [she offers Namine a smile and sets down her axe. She knows how it makes the girl nervous.] How's it hanging?
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[Mike's up in some trees--closest things to dang skyscrapers around here--just trying to get some exercise and trying to jump to branch to branch. He's no Tarzan though, so there's a heckuva lot of rustling in the leaves and bushes. What could it be???]
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The bushes rustle and shake, and Wendy's instantly on her feet, and heading towards the commotion.

??? Okay, she's never seen the trees shaking like this. Nothing a little old elbow grease can't fix though... Which means kicking, she's giving the tree a few kicks.

Hey! Any squirrels up there?
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[Fun fact: it is really freaking hard to keep your balance or try not to slip while standing in a tree wearing boots.

Which is to say when Wendy gives the tree some shakes with that kicking, Mike tumbles right on out, grabbing a branch at the last second. He kinda looks like a cat that forgot how to climb down.]

--woah, WOAH easy there! No squirrels, just me!
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Whoa! [Jumping back like geeze, she did not expect this to happen. They almost had another trial on their hands.

Seeing Mike there... is probably the last thing she expected though. Huh.

Sorry man, didn't think it was you. [uhh.] What are you doing up there?
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[The true murderer was Wendy all along. Mike just....hangs there....looking to the tree, and then the ground. He shrugs as much as he's able.]

Oh, you knwo, just getting some fresh air! Aaand mostly just trying to burn off some energy. Not much else to hop off of around here, you know?
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And... you're planning to do that by climbing trees? [Geeze, that's...] Dude, you're pretty hardcore.

[And she smiles, like she totally didn't almost kill a friend by accident.]

Hey, any room up in those trees for one more?

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[Alright, he's curious.]

Something going wrong on your... box-phone?
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[She glances up, face set in a deeply annoyed look.]

My cellphone. It's... dead. [She gestures to the little flip gizmo on the floor.] It ran out of power.
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he steps closer to it warily, peeking at it nervously.
] we have to investigate its death?
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...What? No, no it- I mean, probably not?

[The phone opens up and bits Jiminy, a trial wi-no, it doesn't do anything, because it is a phone.]

It's just out of power. If I could charge it, I would, but I kind of left my charger at home.

[She didn't think she'd be taking a trip.... for two months.]
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[He's so old but he's trying really hard.]

Out of power... so its out of energy and can't work anymore... [Sort of a commentary on life, in a way.]
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Yeah, it... [....Sigh.] You know, it's really not that important, you know?

[She doesn't want to give the old guy a headache.]

Yeah, it can't work anymore. At least until I can give it some more power. Just, really sucks that it died now. I was looking at some pictures of... our friends.

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[Sometime Thursday, Mike is running around and herding as many people to the lounge as possible. There are snacks!! And drinks pilfered from the casino. Some Mike may have made (thanks Ford!!). There's also normal soda. Once he's gotten enough people, he excitedly makes a suggestion.]

Okay, I know everyone's been working real hard, but we gotta keep our spirits lifted too, you know? So let's play I Never.

--if you don't know what that is, all you do is say something you've never done. Like--I've never rode a horse. If someone HAS done that? They take a drink.

Just something light and fun, yeah? Then we can all get back to work. So let's go!
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[Games AND drinking? Count Lefou the fuck in, tbh.

He doesn't look too put-out by the fact that he has to take a drink just from the example, either.

...He misses his pony. Even though Buddy's an asshole.]

Mmm... I've never ridden in a "car" before.
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Woah, I suddenly feel targeted here.

[But it's all in good fun. A DRINK FOR MIKE.]

Still think you should try someday! Aaaand. I've never been outside the city before! Til now, anyway.
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[Lefou's eyes twinkle with mischief, even as he takes another drink.]

Turnabout's fair play, you know.
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Is it? Cuz I might hit below the belt.

I've also never seen stars before!
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[He's too flabbergasted to even drink for a moment.]

How have you never seen stars before? I thought your "cars" had to drive outside!
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Artificial skylights and living underground, man! Great for temp control, but sucks for the night sky.

[hooray kid friendly post apocalyptic cities!!]

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Oh, I've seen stars!

[ She looks happy about that. Taking a drink of her strawberry cream soda! ]

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[Taaaakes a drink.]

It's great. Even when you don't have a license.

[Or any sort of drivers ed, really. It's a hella good time.]