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[Two months. Two months of being trapped in this mansion. Two months of heartbreak and despair. Two months of wondering if you are all going to die here.

You finally have a real ray of hope thanks to Mr. Walt, but even he claims that it will be a hard journey ahead. You all have to be strong, physically, emotionally, any kind of strength will work against what you're up against. Maybe take the next few days to rest before the long journey, or prepare for the dangers that await, the choice is yours, but...

Will you be able to escape?

8 guests remain]


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[Tuesday. The final day, according to Walt, but despite the fact that with no further contact from the enigmatic man Lefou's suspicion is beginning to return, they have no choice but to believe him... right?

So after spending two days effectively grieving and feeling sorry for himself, there's an almost familiar routine in the way that he sorts through the things he's amassed. The door to room 116 is open; it doesn't lock anymore, not since Maui died. And Lefou sits in the middle of the floor, sorting through his and Maui's things. There's a pile for his black and gold waistcoat and the two tuxedos, never worn (except for Maui's trousers), and a pile for the rest of the random items that he never got rid of. Propped against the wall sits an unlit torch, and next to Lefou on the floor is Maui's oar.

Heihei is pecking at some of the gold coins that had scattered across the floor, his practical little harness tied at the other end to Lefou's wrist.

Mulan's armor is laid out in pieces on top of the dressers and on top of his trunk.

Later, after he's done with packing his kit up, Lefou retreats back to room 103 for a while and when he comes out it's clear he's decided to deal with grief by returning to pure, military routine. His hair is cut from the two months of growth that had been making it downright unreasonably long, although it's longer in the back than in the front for lack of a barber. His face is shaved completely and his sideburns brought down to manageable levels, and he is Clean.

Which makes his shirt look even dingier in response, but what do you do when you have no lye and don't know what bleach is. He's wearing the waistcoat that Elsa made for him, with his wet hair pulled back into a ponytail, and he's feeling out the weight of the oar like it's a sword.

Not that he's practiced at swordfighting, either, but swing thing, hit thing, repeat isn't too hard. In theory.

In practice, he ends up panting for breath with grunts and yowls of frustration while he wails on a pillow that he'd brought out from his room.

There are now feathers all over the foyer. Heihei eats one. It's fine. He's fine. His wet hair starts coming out of his ponytail and sticks to his forehead, and he has to stop his rampage to wipe it out of his face. He's eaten nothing but four slices of bread over the last two days and spent three times as much time in bed crying than he has sleeping.]
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[Elsa had spent some of the morning packing as well. She didn't have much - the journal pages, two halves of an odd heart-shaped pendant, a hat, one of those odd stones, and her Anna doll - so it doesn't take long for her to finish up shoving most of those things in a small bag she crafted herself. There was one more thing, but... god. As much as she wanted to, there was no way she could take Anna's dress with her. It tore her up, leaving something of her sister's behind, but if they had to make a quick escape it would only slow her down.

When she's done with that, she wanders out of her room, but pauses when she notices the door to 116 open, and she peeks inside. Ah...]

Didier? Do you need any help with that?
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[Packing two people's things should be harder than one, but Maui had had very little (other than the oar, which was unquestionably coming with) and Lefou had only amassed things because of his lackluster attempts to get rid of them. He has the things he's still deciding on set into three clusters - things that were undeniably junk, things that someone else might be able to use, and things that had unquestionable value. The last category consists mostly of a conspicuously large sack that's spilling gold coins on the floor, and a small regal tiara.

He starts and turns to face Elsa with a sheepish smile.]

I wouldn't say no to a second opinion. I'm going to turn, um, this- [From the clothes pile he tugs at the suit jacket clearly meant for Maui.] into a kit bag if I need to. Otherwise I may just make a couple extra pockets out of the other one if I only need to take a few small things.
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[Elsa listens as he speaks, and she's about to respond, but when he motions to the other items cluttered about, her eyes lock onto the tiara on top of the coins, and a look of surprise crosses her face.]

Oh, that's...! [She motions over to the tiara.] That was mine!
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[Honestly he hadn't given much thought to the tiara. Finding its owner had been... fairly low priority, and then even lower priority, but he'd been considering bringing it with because... Well, it had to belong to someone, right?]

It- it was?

[He'd never bothered to read anyone's profiles. Somehow, eight weeks later, he's... completely missed any and all reference to her title. She's just Elsa.

He picks it up and holds it out to her.]
Here- I'm glad you found it.
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room 116 im here

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[ Originally, she'd come here to deliver LeFou's good luck charm. But now, she's kind of curious about what he's up to. That's a lot of clothes and items... a little more than everything she's gotten. ]

Papa? What are you doing?
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[When you don't have to worry about your stuff crowding around your bed, you end up. With a lot of crap.

He turns and manages a smile for her, gets up back onto his feet.]

Morning, Nene. I'm just... packing, I guess.
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[You had better believe that Wendy's still nervous today. Tuesday, of all days, why did their supposed last day have to be a tuesday? That's when the motives came out, which were either utterly inane, like last weeks, or... terrible.

Eh, who cares anymore. Wendy's routine is about the same as its been, with a few differences. She spends a small amount of time in the bathing room this morning, appearing to just be trying to enjoy the hot water one last time, humming a strange tune for a minute or two, until-

Ugh! Come on! I thought I forgot about that.

[Later, It's entirely possible that you may catch her rummaging in Jiminy's room. Why? Well she's searching under the bed and seems to find what she's looking for when she pulls out a large, golden gauntlet.

It's going to be one of those days.

After she's done that, Wendy sets herself up in the lounge on a couch with a coffee table before her stacked with a pile of just about everything she has amassed from the slot machine, that hasn't been given away/eaten/thrown away, plus the gauntlet she snatched from Jiminy's.

Hmm... Okay, yeah... [She murmurs to herself, currently caught up in inspecting the grooves where gems seemed to fit in the gauntlet, which already had a couple gems in it already.]
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[Julia's passing by when she notices what Wendy's doing.]

I have one of those too. [She points at the gems.] Are they supposed to do something?
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[She looks up, still sporting a irritated look when she spots Julia. Whoops.]

Yeah, so did I. Apparently they're supposed to give whoever wears the glove so much power they can rule the universe.

[She looks back down, tapping the gemstone set in it.] At least, that's what Jiminy told me.
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[Wendy, yo. She loves you but.]

Um. Are you sure that's safe to do then?

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[She's just wandering the halls nervously before she hears something--]

What are you looking for?

[Don't steal the dead cricket's stuff.]
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[She answers without even looking back. Her head is kind of underneath the bed right now.]

Oh just something that Jiminy wanted me to keep secret about because it might be super dangerous.

[Don't tell her what to dooooo]
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That could be a lot of things.

[She's just going to enter the room and try to help look.]
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[Tuesday brings with it a renewed sense of determination; a few days is not long enough to assuage Ford's grief, but he has a sense of purpose, now, and if Walt is to be trusted, the end is in sight, now. He's no longer barring himself in his room, at least, though it does appear as if he's given up shaving burning off his facial hair for the time being. There are more important things at hand, which means his five o'clock shadow is well on its way to being an actual beard.

He downs a cup of coffee in the kitchen first thing, what must be his fifth or sixth since last night, because he certainly hasn't been sleeping. He's been far too busy poring over his deceased husband's notebook, looking over each potential design, deciding which of them is feasible with the materials he has available to him. WALL-E isn't going to be resurrected, not without Fiddleford's computer engineering brain, but Ford fully intends to bring his damaged motherboard along for the ride, wherever they end up.

After he's refueled for the day, he begins to go through his amassed belongings, sorting through them with a keen eye for what's useful and what can stay behind—as well as what might belong to someone else. With that in mind, he seeks out Naminé with a white bundle draped over one arm, and after some deliberation, Wendy with a large, old book in tow.

Later, he settles in the Study, Fiddleford's notebook spread out in front of him along with his own, his old journal, and several other books. He's hunched over a writing desk, muttering to himself as he scribbles furiously in his notebook, every so often cross-referencing another text as he works out what seems to be a series of increasingly-complicated mathematical equations. Feel free to bother just might take you a few tries to get his attention.]

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Mr. Pines?

[She's got another copy of her song. It took her a while to transcribe another copy, mainly because she thought . . . well, it just seemed to her that if Lefou couldn't read the music, it might just be easier if she did it the cheat's way and wrote the chords above the words.]

Mr. Pines, I have something for you. I wanted to give it you before we leave.
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[The first time she says his name, he's distracted; he doesn't even look up from his writing, not until she says it again, and keeps talking. He sets his pen down and actually turns to face her, looking puzzled by the piece of paper she's got.]

Oh? What's this?
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[ He's caught her in-between her errands for the day, and when she sees him, she perks right up. She looks like she's had a good night's sleep, and she's even opted to braid her hair. It's not quite as nice as when Fiddleford had done it, but... it's okay. ]

Hi. [ Then she notices the bundle. ] Oh--what's that?
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[It's always a balm on his soul to see Naminé, but today especially, seeing her perk up like that to see him. Ford isn't used to that reaction to people seeing him, not by a mile, but he's slowly thinking he could get used to it.]

Hi, kiddo. [He gives her an affectionate smile that's working its way toward looking less tired by the day, and holds out the bundle. It's a white dress that looks about her size.]

I pulled this out of the slot machine a while back, and I didn't even think until this yours?
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[Eventually, he's going to catch her outside in the graveyard, sitting on a tombstone and busying herself with the strange, golden gauntlet on her arm. She's looking alright, cool and collected, and even like she bathed today. That's a plus.

She looks up, noticing him on the approach.

Sup, Ford? [Her gaze flickers to the book in his arms.] Uh, found something cool in the study?
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[He's relieved to find Wendy, because in a place like this...well, it's always a relief to find the people you care about alive and well. He glances down at the book under his arm, hesitates, and shakes his head as he holds it out to her.]

No, actually. I got it from the slot machine a while ago. It...I think it belonged to him. The cricket.

[He can't bring himself to say his name just yet.]
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[ On Monday, Naminé is scarce. She's spent the day gathering materials, and then retreating to her room. While she isn't sure how good at arts and crafts she is, this is something she has to do. No regrets, after all--and if she doesn't do something for everyone, she'll most certainly regret it.

So. On Tuesday, she isn't up to much other than deliveries. She has in hand star-shaped charms attached to pieces of string. Each has its own pattern, unique to the person receiving it. They've been made with stationary, but she's asked Elsa to freeze them over so they're sturdier and a little bit thicker.

For LeFou, it's red, with small hearts and paopu fruits. For Wendy, green with small badges on it--like the one Jiminy gave her (and there's an axe here and there, because of course). For Julia, blue with music notes and tiny keyboards. For Elsa, pale blue with snowflakes, suns, and crowns. For Ford, it's gold with stacks of pancakes, little ghosts, and banjos; his has a paopu in the middle. For Anna, it's light purple, with sketchbooks and pencils. For Mike, it's orange, with stars and little skulls. Naminé has one of her own. It's pale pink, with elements of everyone's charms on them.

After all, she wouldn't be who she is without everyone else.

She spends time delivering the charms, no matter where people are. And later at night, she has dinner in the lounge. It's nothing too complicated, just soup (she'd found noodles in the shape of stars, so she's added that into a vegetable broth) and bread with a cup of tea. She's made enough for anyone who'd like some. ]
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[Anna's in her room when Naminé delivers the charm. She holds it delicately in her hand.]

Thanks, it's pretty cute.
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[Ford's always happy to see Naminé; she especially has been an eternal source of comfort to him, especially after the events of last Friday. When he sees her on Tuesday afternoon, it's no exception, and he forces himself to muster up a smile for her out of the depths of his ever-present grief. It's the least he can do.

Reaching down, he tousles her crop of blonde hair.]

What've you got there, kiddo?