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[After such a long day, everyone must sleep. Whether it is because of the trial, or...something else, everyone will eventually find themselves with an overwhelming urge - no, need to sleep. There, someone is waiting for them.

Everyone will find themselves together in a room. It's...sleep-like, of course, but something about it feels real. There are eight rolling chairs set up, and another at the front of the room. But besides that, there are two important things to take note of. The first is that, everywhere, everyone seems to be depicted in...grayscale. It's a little weird, but nothing that odd.

The second is the pictures that line the wall, black-and-white sketches of so many familiar and unfamiliar characters. An Arabian thief, a curious girl in a blue dress, a ferocious dragon. All strikingly drawn and depicted in pencil. The walls seem practically lined with them.

Something interrupts your train of thought. A smoker's cough.

Man is in the Forest.]

My goal is to get you all out of here as soon as possible.

[A fatherly voice rings out, from seemingly everywhere at once.]

I'd like to discuss options with you all.

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