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[The doombuggies stay put for a moment - perhaps a second too long. But suddenly, something about them changes. They rise up, ceremoniously, and seem to whisk through the halls of the mansion at a much faster pace than before. Eventually, they burst through the front door, taking the eight survivors, one dead body, and multiple pets of the Mansion Incident with them.

Once the doombuggies are outside, they rise higher up into the air, giving them a good view of what's happening down below them. The mansion, the home for wayward specters, seems to crumble beneath them. It falls apart, slowly but surely, into nothing.

It's a short ride through the night sky, up towards the second star to the right, before a flash of light hits their eyes and the doombuggies find themselves somewhere new.

It is a sunny place, a small town, abandoned but beautiful, filled with a few different buildings. There is a small building in the center of town, odd in design, and the doombuggies choose to settle in front of it.

It becomes clear in a moment why they choose to stop there, as descending from the home to the greet them is Walt himself.]

I'm glad to see you could all make it. This is Main Street, USA.

This is where we start to work to get your friends back. But for now, I'm happy to provide for all your needs and comforts, I'm sure you've all had quite a long day.

[He smiles, digging his hands into his pockets.]
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Sir, when do we get to see our friends again?
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Right - [You know what, she hasn't eaten and there she go. Just gonna lean against the doombuggy. It's fine. She's fine.] - after we rest.
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[ Holy wow. Now that the adrenaline's worn off, she's tired and unsure. ]

This place is absolutely safe?
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[ She relaxes at that, at least. ]

Do you mind if I ask who the other person is?
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[ She's so tired, but she has to know. ]

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[From the house, comes another figure. He...

Is that Abe Lincoln?

He, somehow. He looks human, but he's just a little fake-looking. With every move he makes, you can hear the turning of gears and cogs.

Lincoln makes his way down to the survivors, and greets them with a smile.]

Hello, everybody. I'm glad to see you all here.
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[Stares.......? That's.... but...]

Guys, I must be really out of it. I'm like... seeing Abraham Lincoln standing there, guys.

[Guys, she's freaking a little.]
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No, that's...most definitely Abraham Lincoln.

[Again. Nothing surprises him anymore.]
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Who's Abraham Lincoln?
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The sixteenth president of the United States.

[right?? Idk man he's not a historian]
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He freed the slaves.

[That's like, the only thing she can think right now. She's tired.]
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So he's . . . famous in America. [That scans. They're in America.] I see.

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Yeah, he's kind of a big deal I guess?

[What is her history class. What even the heck.]
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[squints he only knows one Abe and he hates him!!

This is not him.]

Abe. . .Abraham. . .wait, wasn't he like, a famous general or leader or something?
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President General of the Americas. [She nods, like this makes sense to her.] That's the least terrible thing I've heard all day.
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Not exactly, I'm a replica...of Abraham Lincoln.

[A chuckle.]

Mr. Walt had quite a bit of admiration for the real article, I'm afraid I'm doing the best I can to live up to his expectations.
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Fascinating. An...what's the word. Animatronic, yes?


Well, either way, it's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
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[ Who's Abe Lincoln?

She extends her hand. ]

Hello--Abe, was it? It's nice to meet you. I'm Naminé.
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[He extends his hand up slowly, robotically.]

A pleasure to meet you, Naminé.

[..His hand is definitely. It's not really cold to the touch, but it squishes a little, and you can feel almost a metal hand underneath the plastic coating.]
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[Anna is here but she's just going to hold the axe and stay back. She's covered in bug guts and Tarzan's blood. She's also tired because wow swinging it around was hard work and she has no more rage to fuel her rebellion. She might just take a lil nap.]
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[After the chaos of... all that... it's a wonder that Elsa can even pull her hands off the bar of the buggy. But she does, and she nearly stumbles as she exits the buggy. It's a relief to see Walt again, and she can't even comprehend how good it feels to be out of that horror mansion, but at the same time...]

Now that we're free... I don't think I can feel very comfortable until I can make some sort of progress in saving my sister.

[... She says that, but at the same time, she looks just about as dead on her feet as all the others, probably a little moreso considering the strain it took to use her magic, so she's prooobably swaying on her feet now. Just a little.]
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[God, that sounds so tempting, and the growling in her stomach is certainly agreeing with her there. But sleep... as tired as she is, sleep just hasn't been a good thing for her lately.]

I can't express how grateful I am for your help, Walt, but... I don't think that could do much for me. Now that we're free, that we have a good chance of saving our friends, I want to try and get a start on that...

[... Again, despite her words, she just kind of. Stumbles. What is taking care of yourself when you can try to help others????]
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[... Geez why you gotta pull that parental card, Walt.]

... Okay. If you really want me to. But... we can get to work soon, right?
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[Okay... okay. That seemed to be the key, and Elsa's shoulder's just slump, her swaying turning into a full-on stagger as she tries to keep herself upright. Her eyes sting like she's about to cry, but she's cried so much the past few months that there's just nothing more coming out.

All she can do now is bow, hands bunched up in her dress as she fights to keep her voice from wavering too much.]

Thank you so much, Walt. For everything that you did, for everything that you're helping us do...
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[One moment please, Mike is just having a great fukkin time when they first fly off into the sky. Is that a real freaking star??? Holy shit!!


Actual clouds? A REAL sun? What the shit? He has to shield his eyes a bit, because when's the last time he's seen daylight, artificial or otherwise?? He's struck with awe at the scenery too--this is the opposite of detroit dang--and for a moment, forgets what they were just doing. Is this paradise?? (no there aren't any cars)

But then Walt quickly reminds them.]

--get started? We can't go for them yet? [a beat] And can't go home?
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[who needs rest MIKE DON'T NEED NO REST he's running off pure adrenaline now

He taps a foot impatiently and...glances at everyone. Okay yeah, maybe they're all hot messes right now.

Welp. They waited this long. They can wait a little longer. Right?]

. . .

What about our real homes? Do you know if folks are okay back there?
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--! Seriously?

[he was. not expecting that. hm. HM.

He wants to go home. He needs to go home. What if there's another attack?? Or invasion or, or.

They've handled it without me once, they can do it again.

. . .

He exhales, sighing deeply, wrecked body finally catching up with his brain. He sags, rubbing at the back of his head as he glances at everyone. All these new friends--folks that do need help, right here, right now. ]

I'll. . .

I'll think about it. Thanks, Dubbs.
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[Wendy was definitely holding onto her dolls and the bar of the doombuggy as they burst out of the mansion and took off into the sky. She couldn't be happier to watch the trees shrink underneath them before the light of the stars blinded her.

And when she blinks her vision back, she's... still holding onto the bar, but suddenly she's beholding something new for the first time in months?? And Walt's there?? Ok good, so they're not dead.

And you better believe when the doombuggies touch down, she's pulling herself out of it, and stumbling because holy shit the fact that she's been working with a few hours of sleep and no food is sure as hell catching up to her.

Uhh... good to meet you again, Walt. [A... smile.] Guess we're all not dead after all.
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[Honestly, nothing surprises him anymore, not even this. Ford looks warily around at their new surroundings, and even though he's still determined to get their loved ones back, the adrenaline has all left his body, and now he's just exhausted. He listens to Walt with vague hope in his expression.]

He has a point. I'm eager to save our friends and family too, but...we're going to be useless in getting them back if we're all running on empty. We should get some rest and food in our systems.
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Can you get my husband back, Walt?

[It comes out sharped than he intended it, and he sighs not a moment later, his shoulders deflating.]

Forgive me. You're right. We should take care of him as best we can.
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[The only two things that kept him from screaming when they went flying in the doombuggies was the sheer exhaustion that was starting to drag at him and his death grip on Namine's hand (haha good thing for that armor). He buries his face in his daughter's shoulder to keep from looking down at the ground the higher they get, but he's almost certain that they're going to fall, or explode, or something.

And then they land, and he's shaking as he disembarks, falling to his knees and crawling away from the doom buggy before he just. Sits there in the middle of the street in shock.

He feels sick. He feels like he wants to cry. He feels like he wants to sleep and sleep and never wake up. And with how hollowed his eyes are and how pale and shaking his hands, he looks it, too.]

I- I don't- What... What is this place? Where are we? What in God's name just happened?
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It's Main Street. United States of America.

[gestures vaguely. Was that.... not clear?]
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[He just gives her a hollow, helpless look.

1700s, remember? He knows those words are supposed to mean things but that arrangement is complete nonsense to him.]
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[you know what

she's too tired for this

I'll tell you tomorrow, dude.
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[...You know what, that sounds good.

He nods.]