Week 1

Oct. 2nd, 2017 10:35 am
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[Now that the Narrator is done explaining the situation, you all have time to assess the situation and maybe even work together to find a way out. After all, clearly the Narrator is being over dramatic and it can't be that hard to escape out of here without murdering everyone, right?

But, with the doors outside indeed locked and all the windows unbreakable, it might not be a bad idea to explore the hotel, either for alternative methods of escape or to relieve boredom. Your Narrator is also now available for private chat in case you want to interrogate him or throw more stuff at his face.

If the locked doors aren't bad enough, when everyone goes back to the lobby, they'll notice a plaque on the front desk. If you thought your Narrator wasn't serious before, this is damning evidence to the contrary.

Either way, we really do hope you enjoy your stay in this hotel.]

[ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ]

{OOC And this'll be the last mod post for the week! Feel free to drop your coins into the penny press once you've earned them. And because this is a peace week, there will be no murder committed!  And if you plan on investigating, just let us know in your toplevel by putting in INVESTIGATION. Have fun while you still can!]


Jun. 13th, 2017 02:09 pm
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[Now that we've got that out of the way, it seems the participants are free to explore the manor at their leisure. The entire first floor is available to them at all times, and any attempts to maneuver outside or to a different floor will prove useless. Seems you're going to get very familiar with this area over the next week or so.

There may be something there that wasn't there before, namely, a set of rules posted next to the bios. Take heed of them, mortals. If you wish to have a private conversation with your Host, it's now entirely possible.

With all that in mind, exploring sounds like a good idea. Proceed with caution, mortals. There are no safety bars to be lowered here.]


{ooc: This is the last mod post of the week - we'll have the new week log up for you on Sunday! Feel free to drop your coins into the slot machine if you've earned them. Just remember that this first week is a peace week, meaning that there will be no murder! Enjoy the quiet while it lasts, kids.}


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