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[As the living guests finish investigations, they will hear a small click from the library. The door in the back of the room is now open, and true to The Narrator’s words, it leads to the boiler room and in the back there’s an elevator, already open for the guests. However this elevator doesn’t look anything like a normal elevator.

The elevator doesn’t start until everyone is seated and buckled in, and when it does, instead is starts moving backwards for a few moments before going up. As it moves, your host’s calm voice is heard inside the elevator.]

Friday the 13th. It’s often considered the most unlucky day of the year, and for young Vanellope von Schweetz, she has encounter the greatest misfortune of all. Young Vanellope, who at the end of the day just wanted someone who loved her, instead found herself with nothing but pure hatred. And now Vanellope will have a new game to call home, a game only referred to as… The Twilight Zone.

[As he finishes, the elevator halts with an ominous creak. There is a long stretch of silence before The Narrator speaks again.]

You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension. Beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination… in the Tower of Terror.

[And then, suddenly, the elevator drops. Hard. None of the guests will have a clear enough mind as they are suddenly being plunged to the ground to notice this, but somehow, the elevator is moving faster than gravity would normally work. But just before they would reach the ground, the elevator suddenly moves back upwards, and then drops again.

This repeats for what seems for an eternity, until the elevator quickly climbs to the very top and stops suddenly. There is a cheerful ding and the elevator doors finally open.

The doors open up to a 30’s-style night club. It’s impossibly clean for a hotel that’s been out of commission for decades, as, unlike the rest of the hotel, it was never closed. There is a grouping of 12 tables sitting in front of a stage, with a placecard, notepad and pen sitting on each one. Boarding the walls there are also 24 pictures, each one representing a guest. While everyone else’s picture is in full color, Vanellope’s is in grayscale.

Light music fills the room, and will continue to play for the rest of your time here.On the stage, The Narrator is already here, straddling one of the chairs and smoking a cigarette.]

Welcome to the Tip Top Club. I hope your trip here was uneventful.

[Judging by his knowing smile, he seems to know exactly that something went down in the elevator.

Each of you has assigned seating arrangements, though you are free to move about the club as you please. You will find that there are several amenities here, however, your main goal here will be solving the mystery that had been put forward.

Feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves, and once you feel you have an idea of who committed the crime, write their name down in your notepad. Majority rules, and participation in this activity is mandatory.

There will be no set time limit for this trial. I trust that you have found enough evidence to properly figure out who the culprit is.

[But on the bright side of all of this, there’s an open bar for those who already want to forget today.]


Aug. 5th, 2017 01:37 am
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[When everyone is done investigation, they will hear a mechanical whir as the Doombuggies start back up again. (Best hurry before Heihei and Tarzan's corpse get away from you guys.) When they get back into the Doombuggies, they head back into a tunnel before they meet up again with both groups. Finally the Doombuggies roll to a stop once again and the guests will find themselves in the graveyard, just like every Friday when they had a trial.

The graveyard looks just as it has been, except now there is a knife chained to each tombstone in the circle. This is including the tombstones of your dearly departed, so don't worry if you wanted to have a different formation for the final trial.

And, as always, there is a new epitaph for Jiminy Cricket.

Here lies Jiminy Cricket
So deep in despair, he couldn't think
Got what he wanted and went out with a drink

And don't worry if you're not sure where to go from here. As everyone gets situated to their podium, they'll see someone familiar entering.

Oogie comes out from the shadows]

Well well well, what have we here? About time you showed up! I was wondering if you all died back there.

[How much luck do you guys have by your sides?]
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[The whole trial thing must feel like the norm to everyone right now, and one can't help but wonder if this will keep happening until everyone has died.

There are three new epitaphs for Star Butterfly, Maui, and Fiddleford.

Here lies Star Butterfly
One of our most toughest girls
Went out with a pretty twirl

Here lies Maui
Claimed to be a great demigod
But it turns out he was a fraud

Here lies Fiddleford McGucket
He tried to wipe his mind
And ended up getting left behind

Well you all know what to do by now, huh?]

Don't spare any of the gory details.
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[As the Stretching Room descends, there is a long pause before Oogie says anything.]

What? You wanna 'nother speech? You ain't getting one!

[New day, brand new epitaphs for our dearly departed awaiting in this graveyard.

Here lies Demyx
All he wanted was a heart
But he ended up torn apart

Here lies Kiara
Our most beloved kitty
Now ready to sit pretty

Here lies Tip
She wanted to think ahead
And ended up torn to shreds

Only a dozen of you guys left, think you can figure out whodunit?]

Come on, I ain't gettin any younger here!
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[To what I'm sure is everyone's joy after a sad investigation like that, after everyone reaches the Stretching Room, Oogie's voice can be heard.]

Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it just your imagination?

[Well at least he's honoring Ghostave's memory, except he starts laughing, almost tauntingly, after he says that.

In the very least the graveyard seems identical, with three new epitaphs for our dearly departed.

Here lies Lea
Slaying bugs he made a name
And got sent to the deadliest game

Here lies WALL-E
They were our dearest friend
But that didn’t help them in the end

Here lies Tarzan?

... Ok then.

Oogie speaks before everyone can get to their tombstones.]

Don't keep me waiting!

Third Trial

Jul. 8th, 2017 03:02 am
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[Today, the Ghost Host seems eerily quiet as you descend the stretching room, not even doing his usual speech. The Usual 25 tombstones are there, but with three new epitaphs for Tadashi, Wander, and Sylvia.

Noticeably, Wander and Sylvia’s are identical, except the names are reversed for Sylvia’s tombstone.

Here lies Tadashi Hamada
Tried to save his brother with a wire
But got trapped and burned in a fire

Here lies Wander and Sylvia
Best friends and heroes from the stars
Were never able to recover from their scars

There’s no turning back now, is there? Be wary. Trust no one.]

You know what you have to do.
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[Just like last week, as soon as everyone’s done investigating and back in the stretching room, the doors close and everyone slowly descends. As it does so, the Ghost Host's voice once again echoes across the room.]

Tell me. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it just your imagination?

[This is apparently a thing he does.

When it stops, everyone is once again welcomed to the graveyard 25 tombstones arranged in a circle. Now there are three new epitaphs to the newly dearly departed Mulan, Princess Anna, and Sophie. They are dressed with their own rose and class of cognac to each of their tombstone.

Here lies Ping Mulan
Wanted to do anything for honor
It’s a shame she is now a goner

Here lies Princess Anna
She stumbled upon a bride’s wedding
And earned herself a nice beheading

Here lies Sophie Hatter
She was a wonderful little maid
But sadly went and got betrayed

When everyone goes to their places, the Ghost Host speaks again.]

I suppose you all remember from last week how this works. Remember you only have one vote.

[Well there’s only one way to go now.]

Trial 1

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:14 pm
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[After everyone has finished their investigations, everyone finds themselves gathering in the stretching room once more. The door shuts behind them. The corpse swings above the proceedings, ominously, and wandering eyes can't help but draw their attention to it.

It especially draws attention when it appears to move upward.

The whole room seems to move downwards, as the walls get longer and the ceiling gets further away. A snide comment from your Host echoes throughout the room:]

Tell me. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it just your imagination?

Find your place in the graveyard. I will be with you shortly.

[After a few moments, the room stops. A new door opens.

It appears to be an outside area, covered in overgrown plants and moss. An incredibly high gated fence surrounds the whole area, and perpetual darkness (accompanied by a bright full moon) sets the mood. A cobblestone path goads you on through this area, leading to a circle of 25 tombstones, each labeled with a participants picture, name and their birthdate. They're arranged to face each other, ominously enough. On top of each tombstone is a small typewriter-esque keyboard.

The only unique tombstone here is the only marked for Karolina. It's adorned with a red rose and a glass of cognac, and her tombstone is marked with a limerick:

Here Lies Karolina Dean
She might have had a rough life
But she really didn't deserve that knife

As everyone finds their places, the Host speaks.]

The keyboard on your tombstone shall be used for voting who you believe committed this crime. Due to the...nature of some of our participants, I will be forgiving misspellings and accidental presses, but each guest shall only receive one vote, and we go by majority rules.

Take all the time you need, please. There's no turning back now.]


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